Sleek Audio SA1 High-Fidelity Siam Rosewood Earphones

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Sleek Audio SA1 High-Fidelity Siam Rosewood Earphones Description

Product Description The evolution of personal audio continues with the SA1. Boasting many if the same award winning features of the SA6, the SA1 offers Sleek’s patented VQ tuning technology at an affordable price. A stylish Siam rosewood body encases the custom tuned 6mm dynamic driver for stunning clarity and bass impact you can feel. The VQ system allows the user to tune the earphones to match their individual sonic preference, and the patented detachable cables allow the SA1 to go from wired, to wireless and back again using Kleer CD quality wireless technology. From the Manufacturer The SA1 continues Sleek Audio’s pursuit of improving the way people enjoy the music they love. It boasts an award winning VQ tuning system, wireless compatibility, and adds a new look to Sleek Audio’s lineup with its beautiful Siam rosewood body. The SA1 offers more than incredible sonic performance and style; it is also designed to fit comfortably for both men and women unlike any other in-ear earphone. Whether you’re exercising or relaxing on a flight you won’t have to worry about these earphones falling out. Rosewood Housing for Rich Sound and Solid Bass The SA1 delivers stunning clarity and a bass impact you can feel thanks to our custom tuned, first-of-its-kind 6mm. driver and patented VQ tuning system. This driver delivers incredible performance for its size thanks in part to the SA1’s Siam rosewood body. This wooden body provides more than a beautiful look; it offers the unique resonant features that create the naturally balanced sound signatures of the SA1. VQ Tuning System for Fully Customized Audio The reason a loudspeaker may sound great in your living room and horrible in your garage is acoustics. The ear is not any different, and the environment varies for every person. The VQ System lets you make the necessary corrections easily. The SA1 utilizes a custom tuned 6mm driver capable of delivering the bass impact found in drivers nearly twice are large. The SA1 also allows you to customize the sound with a modified VQ tuning system. The VQ system, similar to Sleek Audio’s SA6 model, allows you to adjust the frequency response of the earphones to match your individual sonic preference using two treble tip options. The detachable cable then allows you to choose whether to go wired or wireless using Sleek Audio’s award-winning, Kleer CD quality wireless system (sold separately). Lastly, the flange options and treble tip diameters makes allow these earphones to fit comfortably in virtually any ear. The SA1 has interchangeable parts for a fully customized listening experience

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