Sangean PR-D9W AM/FM Weather Alert Rechargeable Portable Radio

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Sangean PR-D9W AM/FM Weather Alert Rechargeable Portable Radio Description

Size:12.20in. x 6.80in. x 3.00in. Product Description Hand held radio; am/fm noaa digital weather alerts; dual alarm by buzzer or radio; weather alert/siren; uses rechargeable or alkaline batteries. From the Manufacturer Sangean’s new PR-D9W AM/FM Weather Alert Rechargeable Compact Radio is a perfect companion at a picnic, a ball game, a camping trip, and even to keep you informed at home through severe weather conditions and other emergencies or power outages. A perfect companion while on-the-go and to keep you informed at home through severe weather Featuring an adjustable LCD display with battery indicator. View larger The PR-D9W is a versatile device, a well-designed portable AM/FM Stereo radio coupled with being certified as a ‘Public Alert’ emergency radio. It features a built-in dual alarm clock, battery selector for alkaline/rechargeable NiMH, 19 total memory presets, sleep and snooze function, and an easy to read large LCD display with adjustable illumination. All of these capabilities make the PR-D9W Weather Alert a reliable companion for the bedroom, kitchen, or garage. Despite our advances in technology, weather still plays a sometimes dangerous role in our lives. Internet and television are usually good sources of information, but in some weather emergencies a portable radio can be essential. The PR-D9W AM/FM Weather Alert Radio can sit by your bedside providing a pleasant tune or a little wake up call, all the while ensuring that you can have weather information at any time, including an emergency. Large LCD Screen The large LCD screen features easy readability, with settings to adjust the backlight illumination. AM/FM/NOAA Radio with 19 Memory Presets and Auto Scan The built-in radio features AM/FM tuning, as well as NOAA weather bands. The PR-D9W has 19 memory presets to select your favorite stations, as well as an Auto Scan feature to help you find them. A siren function gives you NOAA weather alerts during emergencies to help you be prepared. Dual Alarm The PR-D9W is a perfect bedside alarm clock. You can set dual alarm times and choose waking to AM/FM radio or HWS (Human Wake-up System) buzzer alarms. There are also sleep and snooze functions (push any button except the power button to engage the snooze funtion while the alarm is active). Built-in headphone amplifier provides extra clarity. View larger Battery Selector There are several options to power the PR-D9W, so you can be prepared in case of an emergency. In addition to regular AC power, you can choose between regular alkaline batteries and rechargeable NiMH. Select the NiMH setting to recharge your compatible batteries when the PR-D9W is plugged in. The PR-D9W also features low power consumption, using 4 AA Alkaline batteries can play the radio for over 25 hours Backup Capacitor Stores Memory Settings A super capacitor in the PR-D9W stores your clock and memory presets in case of a power outage–so even if you’ve forgotten to put batteries in the radio, you can be prepared when the power goes out and not need to spend time resetting the clock and other presets. (The back-up capacitor can maintain the preset and clock for 5 minutes only.) Built-In Headphone Stereo Amplifier In addition to listening via the embedded speaker, the PR-D9W has a built-in headphone amplifier for reliable audio quality during private listening. A 5 + 5mW stereo amp and 16ohm flat response gives you extra clarity and fidelity when listening to your favorite radio stations. Technical Specifications Tuner: AM/FM/NOAA Weather Alert/Siren Presets: 19 (Mixed) Display: LCD (1.92′ x 0.5′) Auto Scan: Yes Sleep/Snooze Functions: Yes Dual Alarm: Radio Alarm without HWS / Buzzer Alarm with HWS (Humane Wake System) Power Sources: AC, alkaline, or rechargeable NiMH AA x4 Charging Function: Yes, with selectable switch Speaker: Embedded, 2.25′ full range Output Power: 700mW 8 ohm (DC-IN) Antenna: Telescoping Dimensions (WxHxD): 6.3′ x 4.2′ x 1.6′ Weight: 12.5 oz

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