PYLE PLVWH5 Wireless IR Mobile Video Stereo Headphones

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PYLE PLVWH5 Wireless IR Mobile Video Stereo Headphones Description

Product Packaging:Standard Packaging Product Description This pair of Pyle View wireless IR headphones is great when you need peace and quiet in the car. They work seamlessly with our in-car DVD players and monitors that are equipped with wireless-headphone IR technology. These headphones are lightweight, durable, and have padded earpieces for long-term, comfortable listening. They’re also adjustable to accommodate any size head – child or adult. The volume, power, and stereo/mono controls are conveniently located on the headphone. The headset requires 2 AAA batteries for 48 hours of battery life. With Pyle View headphones, you’ll enjoy your favorites peacefully. From the Manufacturer Wireless Headphones Click here for a larger image Fantastic Sound and Style Click here for a larger image Perfect for Travel Click here for a larger image Comfortable and Durable Click here for a larger image Convenient and Comfortable The PLVWH5 wireless headphones with IR technology are made to give you a unique and convenient listening experience. They are as easy to carry as they are comfortable to wear. The foam cushions are made to fit snug around your head while reducing outside noise leaving you with a truly pleasant listening session. Perfect for Travel The retractable headband makes this a one-size-fits-all listening machine. Durable and portable – you can pack and carry the headphones with ease without worrying. Save space in your luggage or just place them around your neck. These wireless headphones make the ideal travel companion on a plane, train, or bus. Be Prepared To Listen Anytime & Anywhere They’re Ready-to-go when you are and will have you prepared to enjoy high-quality audio at any time. Whether on the go or at home on the couch, treat yourself to an amazing listening experience. Additional Features 40mm Mylar Speaker Cover Carrier Frequency up to 2.8MHz Batteries (Optional): Runs on two AAA Effective (Maximum) Range of 8 Meters Auto Power-Off When No Signal is Present Auto Muting Design on Receiving Headphone About Pyle Home The Pyle Home line includes a wealth of products and accessories designed to enrich your media experiences at home and on the go. Start with your home theater, the entertainment center of any modern house. Pyle has projectors, TVs, mounts, and stands, just to get started–all fully equipped with state-of-the-art HD technology and compatible with next-generation video game consoles like Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii, as well as your favorite Blu-ray players, for crisp, hi-res images. Of course, Pyle Home also carries all the cables and adapters you need for a fully operational setup that’s sure to be the envy of your neighbors. There’s plenty more to keep you entertained in the Pyle Home line. Accessories for your iPod like bass-expanding mini speakers that run on rechargeable batteries and play your digital music, wherever you go. Perfect for the dorm room or sitting by the pool. Pyle also has an impressive line of headphones. Vintage turntables that get the look of yesterday’s classic phonographs with today’s high-quality manufacturing standards. Power amplifiers, horn speakers, and waterproof speakers for your garden. Not to mention, tripods and speaker stands. Pyle Home has it all.

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