Guitar Notched Straight Edge and Pro Fret Leveling Kit

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Guitar Notched Straight Edge and Pro Fret Leveling Kit Description

3 Piece Fret Leveling Kit– This 3 piece set will enable you to find and repair uneven frets with our Fret Rocker, Fret Leveling Sanding Board and Fret Crowning Tool. FRET LEVELING SANDING BOARD A straight neck is only as good as its fret are level. We have a tool for the luthier and everyday guitar/bass player to level their frets easy and non-aggressive, not to ruin the radius or fret life, as files can do. The Fret Leveling Board is 320 grit silicon carbide on a rigid 2 ¼’W x 6’L flat aluminum alloy plate. Can be washed with water after each use. FRET ROCKER LEVEL TOOL Precision CNC Machined 4 sided Fret Level Rocking Tool allows you to check for high frets on your guitar/bass fretboard and eliminating fret buzz, by setting on three fret at once and try rocking back and forth to see if that center fret (of the three) is high. Very simple to use and with 4 different length sides you can check all down the fretboard of all electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Our tool consists of 4 Precision Sides 1 5/16′, 2′, 3′ and 4′ Machined from 1/8′ thick 6061 Aluminum plate. Flatness within .0002′. DIAMOND COATED FRET CROWNING TOOL Designed for professional luthiers to crown and shape those flattened out frets, for half the price of a crowning file. This tool has a Diamond Abrasive Coating bonded 400 grit into the tool done professionally. This tool will give you years of service. Notched straight Edge Essential for proper truss rod adjustment. Machined Edge 6061 Aluminum. One side is for 25.5′ (Fender) scale guitars, and the other side is for 24.75′ (Gibson) scale guitars. CNC precision machined for a flatness of +/- .001′ Good to use with 21, 22 or 24 fret necks..doesn’t matter. Use with strings on or off.

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