ClearSounds Quattro 4.0 Adaptive Bluetooth System

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ClearSounds Quattro 4.0 Adaptive Bluetooth System Description

The Quattro 4.0 Adaptive Bluetooth listening system is the ideal wearable accessory for people with hearing aids and cochlear implants with t-coils. Simply put the device around your neck and audio will be transmitted directly to your hearing aids from up to five Bluetooth devices, such as your phone, TV, computer, etc. No hearing aids? No problem! Simply plug in your favorite headset or the included SmartSound earbuds into the stereo headset jack and you’re ready for the ultimate listening and connective experience. The Quattro 4.0 also comes with a built in professional-grade microphone that can be detached and put wherever you need to capture audio, for instance in front of a speaker in a conference room. In short, the Quattro 4.0 dramatically improves the ease and clarity of hearing at home, the workplace and everywhere in between. If you’ve ever been yelled at for having the TV volume too high, avoided a coffee date because you can’t follow a conversation over the café background noise, or missed an important comment on a conference call the Quattro 4.0 is for you.

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